Roofing Suppliers


North Coast Annexe Sales excel at providing Sunshine Coast homes with affordable roofing supplies and accessories.

Whether you need a new roof for your home, additional roofing materials for extensions or a carport, you can rely on NCAS to deliver them quickly.

We supply polycarbonate and fibreglass roofing, as well as using high quality Colorbond ® iron sheeting for a range of roofing jobs. Available in more than 20 different colours, Colorbond ® stands up to all the tests Mother Nature throws at it!

North Coast Annexe Sales have a unique 3-in-1 patio and roofing system, which can span up to 7.5m unsupported. This allows for a streamlined look uncluttered by battens or purlins, requires no painting and gives off no re-radiated heat.

We proudly supply Leaf Stopper Aluminium Gutter Protection Systems. These aluminium stoppers cover your guttering or roof valleys to reduce leaf build up, leaving you with clear water ideal for rainwater harvesting. The stoppers can even be colour matched with your roofing surface.

Our range of roofing products include:

  • Insulated roofing panel
    (In Trimdeck & Corrigate)
  • Insulated Flat Panel
  • Colourbond ® Steel
  • Roof Extenda brackets
  • Leaf Stopper gutter systems
  • Polycarbonate roofing
  • Fibreglass roofing materials
  • Purlins
  • Beams
  • Battens
  • Flashings
  • Green Insulation

Aluminium Shutters DIY Only

Insulated Panel

Trimdeck & Corrigate

Ampelite Roof Sheeting

Genuine Roof Extenda Bracket for Flyover Roof with Boot Seal - Sizes: 200mm - 300mm - 400mm - 500mm

Only Green Insulation has the patented Reflecta-Coat™ (polymer coat) which protects the foil from corrosion and keeps it performing at its best!

Speak to the team at North Coast Annexe Sales about our roofing services today.

For the DIY homeowner or builders we supply, Outdoor Awninings and Aluminum shutters (DIY Only)

North Coast Annexe Sales are suppliers of all types of roofing for your needs from Insulated Panel (the ideal for fly-overs roofs or patios) - Bluescope Steel in Zincalume and Colorbond (no imports), Fibreglass domestic and industrial, Ploycarbonates, Purlins, Beams, Genuine Engineered Roof Extenda Brackets with Weather Boot Seal for Fly-Over Roofs, Flatdeck patio roofing and Firmlok Colorbond beams & Posts. Come and talk to Graeme for all your roofing needs, as a builder he understands all aspects of building from reading plans to advising you on which roofing product will suit your needs. Graeme supplies builders, handy men and the general public. If you are a DIY builder or want a builder to do the job for you, give Graeme a call. He will be only too happy to help.